Payroll Services

Your business is already one complex entity with a life of its own. One particularly th1FA3VIPYimportant part of your business involves payroll. This area is the single most important aspect of your business where your employees will see how much you care for them. Employees are extensions of the owner, giving him/her the ability to do more, better and more profitable.

If your payroll is not done correctly, not only you will be audited constantly by Canada Revenue Agency, but it will send the message to your employees that their pay may not be calculated correctly. However, payroll is not a simple activity, it’s actually representing many smaller activities that are combined into one. It is not just about paying your employees but also there are tax and benefit obligations. It includes EI, CPP, remittance, T4, deductions, vacation and public holiday pay, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board calculations, etc. You should pay your full attention to this and do it in properly. Also, keeping your obligations unpaid is not a good thing for your company, so we can make sure that everything is paid on time.

Our experienced staff are here to help:

  1. We offer full payroll maintenance and reporting, payroll remittance and issue T4 thN3NN52CGstatements at the end of the year.
  2. You can email us the hours and we will generate pay stubs for your employees.
  3. We will ensure that you are fully complied with the Ontario Ministry of Labour requirements, which may include calculating vacation pay, statuary holidays and over time.
  4. We complete our payroll service preparing your source deductions and remittance.
  5. We register your Business with WSIB (Workplace and safety Insurance Board) to protect you from any claims related to a business injury.

Focus on growing your business and meeting the day to day demands is your job, let us manage your payroll as part of your back office accounting service. Contact us today.








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